About Us

Dr. Erika Holiday is an assistant adjunct professor at the Rossier School of Education's Marriage and Family Therapy Program at USC. Dr. Holiday is a licensed clinical psychologist and has a private practice in Los Angeles, CA. She works with adolescents, adults, and couples. Her specialty areas include relationship issues; grief and loss; and women's issues (e.g. teen and adult bullying, mother-daughter relationships). She has conducted numerous workshops and professional presentations on multicultural issues and diversity issues as well as female bullying. She also served as keynote for the YWCA speaking about how women can create a more collaborate experience with one another.

In addition, Dr. Erika Holiday specializes in conducting Medical/Legal evaluations for the Glaser Forensic Group.  She co-authored the book Mean Girls, Meaner Women: Understanding why women backstab, betray and trashtalk each other and how to heal. In addition, she teaches an online class entitled, “Female Bullying in the Workplace.” She has been featured on CNN, Fox News, Dr. Phil, E! Entertainment, KTLA and The New York Times.

Bill Tancer is a New York Times Best Selling author and former online columnist for TIME magazine, Oprah.com and Men's Vogue. Bill has authored two books.  Click, What Millions Do Online and Why it Matters (Hyperion, 2008) and Everyone's a Critic - Winning Customers in a Review Driven World (Penguin Portfolio 2014).

A consumer behavioral expert and one of the first analysts to earn the title of data evangelist, Bill has spent over a decade studying the Hitwise/Experian Marketing Services panel of 10 Million Internet users and their daily online lives.
Bill's analysis of the online landscape has been quoted extensively in the press, including the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, USA Today, Business Week, Television Week, Forbes Online and CNN Money. Bill is a frequent guest on CNBC, MSNBC, Fox News, CNN, WSJ Live, NPR, Dow Jones Marketwatch. Bill’s analysis of the online landscape was a feature subject in ABC News’ hit series 20/20.